Wokah – ZUVAKA Sun Hat


This stylish hand-knotted sun hat named ZUVAKA is perfect for your long-deserved day at the beach or for a siesta on your balcony. Wokah – translated from the Gurune language as “weaving” – is a young social startup from the Bolgatanga region in the northern part of Ghana. Behind this lifestyle label is the young founder Ayinemi Apana, who creates her portfolio in collaboration with her team of 5 weavers from her neighborhood. In her collections she seeks to combine the traditional craftsmanship of Ghana with modern natural designs. In doing so, she takes inspiration from nature and obtains the sustainable raw materials from the region.

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Additional Information

  • Elephant grass (“veta vera”)

This sun hat is delivered ” unshaped”. You can get it nice and round by wetting it a bit and shaping it while it’ s still wet. After drying, the hat will keep the desired shape. To keep your favorite hat permanently flexible and the material from becoming brittle, you may want to wet it with water every few months and then simply let it dry.

  • Unique: each product is 100% handmade with love.
  • Empowering: The founder mainly employs women from her neighborhood. Our personal relationship without the use of middlemen ensures that most of the value creation stays local.
  • Sustainable: Use of sustainable natural materials from the region.

Made in Ghana