Tambour Original Sodabi Blanc Palm spirit Alc. 42% Vol


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You don’t know the Sodabi Blanc from Tambour Original? We felt the same way until we tried it for the first time. We were immediately impressed by its unique aroma. Made exclusively with Beninese palm wine, it respects the true sodabi tradition. Tambour Original is a masterfully twice distilled palm spirit from the tropical coast of Benin in West Africa, celebrating the region’s proud roots and traditions of high-proof drinks. Sodabi is said to have magical powers that grant protection against bad luck and evil spirits. So if you want to banish spirits or simply try something new, Tambour Original is just the thing. Palm spirit. Alc. 42% Vol.

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Additional Information

Tambour flatters the nose with an intensely fruity and powerful aroma, enhanced by cinnamon and evolving into notes of white pepper. On the palate and tongue, it is also full-bodied, sweet and complex with flavors of plantains and nuts. The Tambour has a strong but not burning flavour and reveals a slight floral note.

  • Alcohol content Alc. 42% Vol.
  • Matured in American oak barrels
  • Enjoy pure or in cocktails
  • Elegant & modern bottle design, 700ml

Try Tambour Original Sodabi Blanc neat to fully appreciate its flavour before adding it to cocktails. Made in Benin

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Palm liqueur, called 'Sodabi', has been produced and consumed by people in West Africa for centuries. In Benin, for example, it plays a central role in voodoo ceremonies.

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