Solino Harar Speciality Coffees – whole bean (200g)


44,50  / kg

Harar belongs to the most expensive coffees in the world. Each year we try to get a small quantity of this so called „longberries“ from Harar. This is unfortunately not always possible and the coffee is therefore not always available. It is indeed a real speciality.Harar is the king of the Ethiopian coffees. It is grown next to the holy city of Harar in Eastern Ethiopia at an altitude of 1800 meters. Normally the whole harvest is sold to Saudi-Arabia, because the mocca taste of the coffee is highly appreciated. The Harar coffee berries are sundried after the harvest, not washed.

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Additional Information

  • dark chocolate
  • full-bodied

Drum roast, 22 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

  • Processing in the country of origin – Solino is processed entirely in the country of origin.
  • Economic Engagement – Solino creates many skilled and better paid jobs
  • Social Impact – part of the purchase price goes to the Ethiopian initiative Our Father’s Kitchen
  • Made in Ethiopia