Solino Crema from 100% Arabica beans – whole bean (1000g)


21,90  / kg

This crema coffee is roasted very slowly in a traditional drum roaster. It is a light roast. The coffee is very low in acidicty and more wholesome than industrial roasted coffee. Solino get the coffee beans directly from the farmers in the region of Illubabor and Jimma. They exclusively use sundried coffee beans for our crema. Solino believe that sundried coffee has a more aromatic taste. At the same time, sundried coffees are less acid and therefore more wholesome. In addition, processing sundried coffee requires less water compared to washed coffee.

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Additional Information

  • fruity
  • chocolaty

1000g from 100 % Arabica beans

Light drum roast, 20 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

  • Processing in the country of origin – Solino is processed entirely in the country of origin.
  • Economic Engagement – Solino creates many skilled and better paid jobs
  • Social Impact – part of the purchase price goes to the Ethiopian initiative Our Father’s Kitchen
  • Made in Ethiopia