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Have you ever searched the web for “handbag with a wooden handle? After that you will order one of our handbags from Oye made of West African wax fabric and leather (and of course with wood). Not everyone has it. Neither can they, because all handbags are sustainably and locally made by hand.

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Additional Information

  • African Waxprint
  • Leather
  • Wood
  • African wax prints also known as Ankara and Dutch wax prints are usually used for making clothing especially West Africa.
  • Every product is handmade by local craftmen who use very basic methods with the aim of maintaining originality.
  • 90% of the leather we use is left over leathers from production houses in Italy.
  • Oye creates bags and accessories from a fine selection of local fabrics and materials sourced all over Ghana and in Africa using mostly authentic African fabrics like Mudcloth, Kente, African print fabric, locally made tie dye fabrics and leather.
  • Unlike mass production bags, the bags are pieces of art with individual identities thus each bag is distinct and unique in every way