Kazi Yetu – Cinnamon Spice Black Tea


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A delicious wake-up blend with high quality whole leaf black tea and flavourful Zanzibari spices.

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Additional Information

70g, 20 biodegradable pyramid tea bags (3,5g per pyramid tea bag)

Rolled black tea from the foothills of Kilimanjaro, cinnamon bark from Zanzibar, and cardamom seeds.

All tubes are made of recyclable cardboard with an inner food lining to preserve the tea. All artisanal teas are packed by women in Tanzania.

  • Hot Tea: Steep 1 pyramid tea bag in a tea pot of 0.5 litres in 100-degree (boiling) water. Brew for 2-3 minutes.Add a dash of milk for a Zanzibar chai experience.
  • Cold Brew Tea: Steep 1 pyramid tea bag in a tea pot of 0.5 litres in room temperature water. Brew in normal temperature or fridge for 6-8 hours.Add freshly squeezed lemon juice or honey for a refreshing boost.
  • Eco Cert certified as well as Fair Trade certified
  • Processing in the country of origin – Kazi Yetu is processed entirely in the country of origin
  • Economic Engagement – Kazi Yetu creates many skilled and better paid jobs

Made in Tanzania