Ditakki – Noble Melodi pendant


Melodi in Setswana means the beautiful melodic musical sounds made by birds. The natural colours gives off soothing and grounding effects and a sense of stability! Necklace. Wooden ring with natural colors.

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Additional Information

  • Big wooden ring adorned with wooden beads of different shapes
  • Natural colours
  • The wooden ring is also wrapped with a bronze/ gold string adding some richness to the pendant
  • The pendant hangs on a strong cotton string
  • Made in South Africa
  • Unique: each product is 100% handmade with love.
    • Empowerment: The founder ensures an old acquired know-how in which she works directly with artisans from her region. Our personal relationship without the use of middlemen ensures that most of the value creation stays local.
    • Sustainable: Use of sustainable natural materials from the region.

Ditakki is a company from the North West Province of South Africa that specialises in designing jewellery and accessories. The word „ditakki“ means artists or designers in Setswana. This name best reflects our creative products/services and promise to you. ditakki values individuality and recognises the power that jewellery and accessories have in telling the world who you are. The handcrafted pieces are trendy and of high quality.

They are contemporary, innovative and bold, yet simple and functional with an African aesthetic. The brand was established in 2017 by Kgomotso Ranta after spending 17 years in graphic design and marketing departments in the telecoms industry. In college, she studied fine art and graphic design and holds a Marketing and Master’s Degree in Leadership with the University of South Africa.