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Juni 9, 2022

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Talking about Changemakers and Ideas – towards a new European-African relationship

Storytelling is an essential part of Manuyoo as a social business that seeks to bring high quality but otherwise relatively unknown made-in-Africa products. We originally shared stories about the people and the background behind the products that we offer through our website, our social media pages and our magalog. We, however also saw a great potential in telling stories through the LIVE format which allows us and our customers to experience and interact more intimately with the people behind the brands. This realisation was the impetus to start our LIVE talks which are currently hosted on Instagram TV. We have termed them Manuyoo Impact Talks – Changemakers and Ideas – towards a new European-African relationship.

The Impact Talks are a weekly adventure featuring people behind the brands we are offering, people behind Manuyoo itself as well as a variety of thought leaders and changemakers in our society today.

The Impact Talks seek to map the journey and context of each of our entrepreneurs and to highlight the inspiration, the challenges, perspectives and strategies of the brands. In this way, the talks build a bridge for our customers to become part of the producer’s journey. In addition, we seek to bring in individuals with different perspectives around the issues we talk about so provide varying opinions and keep the discussions open and balanced.

So far, Manuyoo Impact Talks have dealt with the following topics:

The human side of sustainability

In this talk we explored together with Navalayo Osembo of Enda Sportswear and Sannssi Cisse of GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation what sustainability is to African entrepreneurs and their challenges to meeting the sustainability expectations of the customers in Europe. We also explored how we can reconcile these seemingly opposing perspectives. Our take-away was the crucial role that Job-creation plays in African development and how it is essential to sustainability efforts on the continent.

Watch the whole talk here.

Entrepreneurship: Perspectives from Ghana & Germany

In our talk regarding Entrepreneurship, the Ghanaian perspective. We had an intimate chat with Freda Obeng-Ampofo and her personal care brand Kaeme. Freda highlighted her aspiration to create high quality cosmetics to rival international brands and to proudly put Ghana on the entrepreneurship and product development map. Our big take away was the mentality regarding challenges that one faces in their life or entreprenership journey. Challenges can be a source of creativity and innovation and the push that we need to change how things work at industrial, national as well as global level.

Watch the whole talk here.

Decolonizing Chocolate

Our chat on decolonizing chocolate saw us chat to Karen Oku of Fairafric and Daniel Schönwitz author of “Africa First”. The talk contrasted the macro topic of a paradigm shift in the relationahsip between Europe and Africa with the micro perspective of a specific entrepreneur that is actually participating in changing the narrative on the continent. Our big takeaway was that the herculian task of creating more than 20 million new jobs in Africa every year will not come from development aid or government agencies but from entrepreneurs especially those who focus on value addition and thus participate in the whole value chain and not only deal in raw commodities.

Watch the whole talk here.

Tambour: From Benins agriculture to the top bars of the world

Last week we focused on the inspiring story of Tambour a globally successful product from west-African Agriculture. From the founder Jake Muhleman we found out more about the premium liquor Tambour which is inspired by the traditional Sodabi brew. Our big take away from the talk was the necessity to do one’s homework when launching a business. The need to understand the local context, its traditions, legal environment as well as the ability to innovate around the resources that may not be immediately available in that market.

Watch the whole talk here.

Today, we will explore together with Papama Mtwisha the conceptual and mental side of the paradigm shift. Five words on a T’shirt: Africa. Your. Time. Is. Now. What inspired it, for whom is is meant and how can we all be part of the movement.

Watch the whole talk tonight (22.04.21) @ 19.00 CET

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Manuyoo and THE LATEST will bring the lifestyle "Made in Africa" to Berlin this summer

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